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October 5 2016 , Written by Lektz Published on #ebooks

Lektz is an ebook distribution and management platform. It helps publishers and ebook aggregators to setup their own ecommerce store, manage their ebooks and distribute them with ebook DRM to prevent piracy and illegal copying. Lektz is offered as both...

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Get your eBooks published with us

August 8 2016 , Written by Lektz Published on #eBooks, #audio books

If you have an idea to enter into the digital world, don't worry we are here to help you to shine in this digital publishing world. We can help you to convert your printed books into interactive eBooks of epub2/3 formats. Also we can help you in the service...

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Publish your eBooks for FREE using our SaaS Model

June 27 2016 , Written by Lektz Published on #eBooks, #free ebooks

Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) Model: Users can publish their eBooks for free using our Lektz Solution. Just Sign Up with Lektz and then submit your eBooks with enabled DRM. If you want to earn money, you can also publish your eBooks along with the pricing....

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Lektz - Publish your eBooks for free

June 24 2016 , Written by Lektz Published on #ebooks, #Reader Apps, #digital right management, #free ebooks, #publish ebooks, #authors, #download ebooks

Lektz is a cloud-based eBook delivery platform. It's solutions are widely used by various Publishers, Educational management companies and Educational institutions across the world. You can also publish your eBooks of various formats such as PDF, epub2/3...

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Lektz - eBook Reader Apps

June 18 2016 , Written by Lektz Published on #eBooks, #Reader Apps

Lektz eBook reader apps are specially designed to make the reading experience more engaging and interesting. They support various formats and standards of eBooks such as PDF, ePUB2, ePUB3 (free-flow and fixed-layout), HTML5, SCORM, TinCan API, DAISY Talking...

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