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Lektz - eBook Protection, Distribution & Management

Lektz - DRM

June 18 2016 , Written by Lektz

Lektz - Digital Rights Management

Lektz DRM is a proprietary eBook DRM technology of AEL Data. Lektz DRM secures eBooks from being copied and transmitted without appropriate rights and permissions. Our DRM is a package of server-side programming libraries and codes, which will be integrated with publisher’s CMS for eBook Encryption. Also, our DRM's decryption code will be integrated with the white-labelled reader apps. As an extension of the DRM, while uploading their eBooks, publishers also have the choice to restrict users to access purchased eBooks to only a number of devices.

There are three levels of protection in the Lektz DRM:

  • AES 128-bit CBC encryption
  • Media Access Control (MAC) address
  • User account credentials verification

We offer our DRM on one-time perpetual license with optional Annual Maintenance and Support.

(a) DRM mechanism:

Lektz DRM mechanism is a closed system which is implemented by protecting the eBooks with an encoded secured tag and the system software, which also acts as an eBook reader. To secure the ePUB, all the ePUB that are sold via publisher’s web portal are embedded with a security mechanism, and will only be permitted to open using eBook reader software (Powered by Lektz).

Step 1: User purchases eBook from publisher's content repository using the login credentials
Step 2: The DRM encrypted eBook is downloaded into the user’s account and it can be accessed via the eBook reader software.
Step 3: When the user enters the login credentials into the reader apps, the eBooks purchased at publisher’s portal will be listed within the reader-app's library. This eBook Reader software offers three important features:
Book shelf/library section – The assigned books will be listed in the book shelf for accessing.
eBook Reader – An interface to open and read eBooks
Security Check – Verifies whether the Book is assigned for the particular system or not.
If the eBook is being opened using a device from which it has not been purchased/assigned from, the eBook reader software will prevent the eBook from opening up.
Step 4: In case of system crash or Operating System re-installation, the users can verify their identity by logging into the eBook reader with the same login credentials and sync their account details/book subscribed details with the eBook reader installed in the system. Once the account details are synchronized, all the eBooks that are subscribed by the user will automatically be listed in bookshelf.

(b) Key features of Lektz DRM
  • Strong encryption and decryption mechanism.
  • Publishers can choose to limit the number of devices that the eBook can be opened in.
  • Readers supporting the DRM are available for iOS, Android, Web and PC.
  • Readers support both PDF and ePUB2/ePUB3 format of eBooks.
  • User friendly and easy integration with existing eCommerce system.

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